Real Estate

Deed of Transfer

Once both seller and buyer have signed the sales and purchase agreement regarding a real estate property, the process of preparing the transfer of the legal ownership of the property starts at the notary office.


A deed of transfer will be drawn up, followed by its signing and the subsequent registration of this deed at Kadaster (the Land Registry).


In connection with the transfer, the notary office will take care of all the financial aspects related to the transfer of the property.


Quite often buyers finance their purchase with a loan, which needs to be secured with a mortgage. Immediately following the signing of the transfer deed, the deed of mortgage will be signed. Also the mortgage deed will then be registered at Kadaster.


Prior to selling or purchasing a property you can always contact our office for information or advice.


To finance a house, for example, the buyer often turns to a bank, but the family can also act as lender.


The lender wants to be sure that the loan will be repaid when the borrower is no longer able to do so.


This security is usually given in the form of a mortgage on the property and gives the lender the right to sell the property and to collect his claim from the proceeds without any other creditors being entitled to the proceeds.


The mortgage deed is drawn up by the notary public.

A mortgage deed is often drawn up in conjunction with a deed for the delivery of the property.

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